Shinhint Group

NPD Cycle 30% Shortened By Redesigned Task Flows

Shinhint Group is a leading electro-acoustic ODM/OEM manufacturer in PRC. In order to attain operation-effectiveness and improve her market position, Shinhint Group invited TQM to provide professional consultancy service to optimize the new product development (NPD) for her subsidiary – Tai Sing Industrial Company Limited, including Tai Sing manufacturing factory in Dongguan and R&D Centre in Shenzhen.

Project Scope

  • Review and Develop task organization structure, responsibility delegation, monitoring system, and appraisal system
  • Conduct mindset change training for effective organizational change and cross-functional team management
  • Integrate and streamline KPIs with the recommended performance appraisal system
  • Identify gaps between the current and new organization structure
  • Recommend and conduct trial-run on an action plan to actuate the task organization structure


  • Successfully integrated NPD processes under new task organization structure to existing ISO 9001 QMS
  • All new NPD projects were able to conform to the redesigned flow
  • Built-up cross-functional teams
  • Shorten NPD cycle by 30%