Prime Credit Limited

Pinpoint Customer Needs to Enhance Satisfaction

Prime Credit Limited (Prime Credit) is a subsidiary of Standard Chartered PLC and an authorized deposit-taking company in Hong Kong providing a wide range of financial products and services including consumer finance, mortgage, credit card and deposit.
To satisfy the needs of continuous development, Prime Credit invited TQM to help improve business results and customer satisfaction.

Project Scope

  • Design, finalize and send out questionnaires/surveys to all customers through the client’s service centers
  • Collect customer responses on and analyze their satisfaction levels
  • Report and present to the client’s management for better understanding of customer needs
  • Diagnose the training needs of the staff
  • Identify areas for improvement such as locations, opening hours, services, etc. to improve the business results and customer satisfaction


  • Allowed management to make strategic planning as to future locations for opening service centres, opening hours, no. of counters required at different hours, recruitment requirements for candidates, and remuneration package, etc.
  • Improved staff loyalty by providing attractive remuneration packages and a satisfying working environment
  • Improved customer satisfaction level by satisfying their actual needs and fulfilling their requirements