PCH International

1.5 Times Delivery On-Time Through New MRP

PCH International (PCH) is an Irish design manufacturing company that works with Fortune 500s and hardware startups to develop, manufacture, package and distribute products and manage supply chains.

PCH appointed TQM to conduct a quality improvement programme for its 3 suppliers to achieve Amazon’s requirements for its E-book devices.

Project Scope

  • Conduct audits and identify areas for improvement to produce and timely deliver good quality products
  • Perform benchmarking analysis, recommend and conduct trial-runs on possible improvement solutions


  • Suppliers produced products that conform to Amazon’s requirements and passed the Amazon supplier audit in 15 areas
  • 32% and 23% reduction in WIP and rework rate respectively
  • Productivity remained smooth in the long run
TQM's Director, Ir Dr Aaron TONG (Second from left) and TQM's Consultant presented findings to PCH's management