Nestle Hong Kong Limited

Ensure Workplace Safety by Setting up New IMS

Nestle Industries Company Limited (Nestle) commits to “increasing the nutritional value of the products while improving the taste”. It invited TQM to assist them to establish an Integrated Management System (IMS) to fulfil its commitment to delivering safe, efficient and courteous professional products and services to its customers.

Project Scope

  • Integrate HACCP, 6S, quality, safety & environment operational dimensions
  • Establish an integrated management system (IMS) for all dimensions
  • Provide training in quality, environmental and safety management
  • Ensure the newly set up IMS is effective


  • Equipped staff with knowledge on quality, environment and safety management
  • Evaluated and developed staff’s understanding of risk management concepts and techniques
  • Enhanced staff’s awareness & ability to cope with risks
  • Acquired various management systems certifications
  • Fostered commitment to maintaining a safe working environment with high quality