Keyhinge Enterprises

Improved the production process of the HK-funded Vietnam production base, and achieved a 50% leap in production efficiency

TQM provided professional process improvement consulting services for Keyhinge, a well-known factory in Vietnam, and successfully helped them

  • Reviewed and analyzed the processes and processes of the whole process, determine the improvement space, formulated and implemented improvement plans, and put forward relevant suggestions for continuous improvement of related processes
  • Conducted comprehensive and in-depth research, greatly improved efficiency and resource utilization; clarified non-value-added behaviours in the process, greatly improved resource utilization and production efficiency
  • Reforms have been implemented in key processes, especially the key production processes of rigid plastic toys, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved, which increased by 50%, exceeding the target by as much as 400%

In 2006, during a state visit to Vietnam by the former Chinese President Hu Jintao, he visited the Keyhinge factory of Jianheng Group. Jianheng seeks to improve the process, and has repeatedly invited TQM to visit its Vietnam factory (Keyhinge) to provide professional consulting services for the production base, and to provide and implement the best solution to improve production processes.

Achievement of the Project