Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Limited

Drive Towards Success Using Customized 6 Sigma

Intertek Group is one of the leading international consumer product testing, inspection and certification companies in the world.

Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd (Intertek) appoints TQM to design and deliver a training program for their staff to introduce and implement 6 Sigma to drive their organization towards success.

Project Scope

  • Deliver a series of 6 Sigma Champion and Green Belt Training Program to Asia Pacific regional management and technical staff
  • Highlight 6 Sigma key elements to give management insights on benefits and critical success factors of 6 Sigma implementation
  • Coach the team on identifying improvement opportunities


  • Created awareness and understanding of 6 Sigma concepts and models and the role of a 6 Sigma Champion
  • Identified the potential applications of 6 Sigma
  • Helped staff realize the benefits of 6 Sigma Vs traditional “quality” approaches of improvement
  • Identified critical success factors of implementing 6 Sigma
  • Built acceptance and facilitated leadership for 6 Sigma Program
  • Assisted participants to establish 6 Sigma projects, facilitated communication with leader and gained approval and support