Institute for Tourism Studies

Review and Revise Workflow to Ensure High Quality

Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) offers degree programmes in a wide range of tourism-related disciplines. It conducts policy level research related to tourism planning and development. IFT intended to conduct an ISO 9001:2015 gap analysis for its Technical and Academic Support Division (SATA) and Campus Services (CS) and TQM provided consultancy services to fulfil the objective.

Project Scope

  • Review and assess current workflow practices & documentation of SATA and CS against ISO 9001: 2015 requirements
  • Conduct interviews with the IFT top management to identify gaps
  • Provide a road map with suggestions to comply with the standard


  • Reviewed workflow of SATA & CS and provided suggestions:
    • Keep sufficient documented information for effectiveness
    • Rewrite work procedures to meet standard’s requirements
    • Conduct internal operation training on QMS compliance
    • Conduct preventive actions against nonconforming outputs
  • Mapped SATA and CS activities with standard’s requirements