HSBC Precision Printing

Improve Process Efficiency Under Security Constraints

HSBC Group is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services institutions. HSBC Precision Printing is a key subsidiary supporting its daily operations and handling significant amounts of security printing tasks. To support the business growth of the Group, HSBC Precision Printing invited TQM to help improve their operational efficiency.

Project Scope

  • Review and analyze HSBC Precision Printing’s operations and management system in line with HSBC Group’s overall strategy
  • Identify improvement initiatives in efficiency/ effectiveness and security/ integrity/ confidentiality requirement of the industry
  • Systematically organize and implement improvement plans:
    • Re-design processes to improve resource/manpower efficiency
    • Systematically document the workflow improvements
    • Provide training to equip the managers and staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out the improvement plans and understand the expected improvement outcomes


  • Established an efficient and effective operational system with transparent operational processes and activities
  • Improved HSBC Group’s operation & business growth efficiency