Home Affairs Bureau

Enhance Process Effectiveness using stakeholder insight and digitalisation

The Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) is one of the policy bureaux of the Government of the HKSAR and is specifically responsible for strengthening district-based work. HAB established the Ping Wo Fund in 2013 to finance preventive and remedial measures to address gambling-related problems.

To improve the efficiency of the Ping Wo Fund, HAB invited TQM to assist in the review and process improvement of the Ping Wo Fund Sponsorship Scheme and School Project Grants.

Project Scope

  • Set up a Computerised Database for both schemes
  • Conduct inspections to monitor the effectiveness and proper use of fund of the programmes/activities funded by the two funding schemes
  • Collect reviews from different stakeholders and analyse the effectiveness of sponsored activities and administration of the 2 schemes
  • Consolidate all the inspection and survey findings and advise on measures to enhance the administration effectiveness of the schemes


  • Computerized previous application and project details for easy reference
  • Based on the stakeholders’ feedback and the actual operations, assisted in the formulation of effective solutions, and successfully enhance the implementation and administration of the two funding schemes under the PWF and its effectiveness