Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HKHA)

Push forward LEAN Six Sigma in Healthcare Industry

LEAN Leader Training Program for the Hospital Authority

The Hospital Authority (HA) is a statutory body taking over the management of Hong Kong public hospitals and institutions. To guarantee the quality, environment, occupational health and safety management, HA invited TQM to assist to establish an Integrated Management System for its Biomedical Engineering and Communication Section (BESS). BESS is also the first Section of the Hospital Authority successfully obtaining an IMS certificate for its Integrated Management System comprising ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Other than Management System consultancy, TQM has provided Lean Management Training & Coaching Program to the Nursing Staff of HKEC & LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Coaching Program to the Nursing Staff of HKEC.

Project Scope

  • Delivered Lean Management Training courses to HKEC’s employees
  • Enrich their professional knowledge on Lean Management and apply it to their daily duties, in order to make the hospital’s day-to-day activities more established
  • Delivered LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt training courses to HKEC’s employees in different departments so as to equip them with professional knowledge for applying LEAN Six Sigma in their daily work
  • Provided guidelines for trainees to take part in practices in Hong Kong East Cluster as one of the actions of LEAN Six Sigma Program
  • Facilitate the LEAN projects initiated by the team member and provide professional advice along the process


  • Train up over 50 HKEC Nursing Staff, including Department Operations manager, Ward Manager, Nursing Office, Advanced Practice Nurse, Registered Nurse and Registered Nurse (Psy) of HKEC
  • 18 Lean Projects were coached by the coaching program
  • Big achievements in improving process which inspired each other via their great performance indicated by the excellent reports
  • Achievements made in the trial operation will certainly be continued while Hong Kong East Cluster encourages trainees trying to conduct some improvement plans that are different.
  • Trainees are entitled to push forward LEAN Six Sigma in the interest of Hong Kong East Cluster’s better service

LEAN Training for Enhancing Specialist Outpatient Clinic (SOPC) Patient Experience

  • Trained 60 participants in total
  • 25 initiatives were triggered from the participants, major estimated achievement potentials are:
    • The patients can save 60-90 mins of time in [registration to getting professional consultation]
    • The patients can save 20-90 mins of time in [collection of medication]
    • Queuing Time ↓ 50%
    • Pre-consultation workup time ↓ 50%
Our Principal Consultant, Ir. Dr. Aaron W.K. TONG, conducts LEAN Training for Enhancing SOPC Patient Experience