Harriman Property Management Limited

Enable Sustainable Business Development and Improvement

Harriman Property Management Limited (Harriman) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wheelock and Company Limited, Harriman specializing in managing properties of all kinds in Hong Kong including Class A office buildings, luxurious private estates and industrial properties. Dedicated to providing quality management services to its owners and clients, Harriman is well aware that a comprehensive IMS would be essential for their sustainable business development and improvement. Hence, Harriman engaged TQM to assist in accomplishing this important Mission.

Project Scope

  • Review the existing processes in-depth, and identify all possible areas for improvement
  • Provide suitable training courses
  • Revise operation and procedure manual
  • Align the quality, environmental and health & safety practices and measures with the international standard


  • Improved its operational effectiveness, environment & occupational health and safety consciousness & overall customer satisfaction level outstandingly
  • Enabled Harriman better manage its functional activities
  • Harriman could achieve satisfied operating results with less resources systematically
  • Achieved IMS (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001) Certification covering its Head Office and the following locations
TQM's Consultant and the Steering Team of Harriman

High-end Residential Building

Wheelock House

Commercial Building in Central

Cable TV Tower

Industrial Building