Foxconn Technology Group

Provide Six Sigma Black Belt training for the world's

largest electronic equipment manufacturing leader

Six Sigma is a management strategy that emphasizes setting extremely high goals, collecting data and analyzing results to eliminate defects in products and services, so as to achieve the ultimate perfection of the project. It has evolved from a total quality management method to a highly effective enterprise process design, improvement and optimization Technology, and provides a series of new product development tools equally applicable to design, production and service.

As the world’s No.1 electronic equipment foundry service group, Foxconn believes that Six Sigma, an excellent management tool, can help it achieve greater brilliance!

As the Official Six Sigma Black Belt partner of ASQ in the United States, TQM successfully helped Foxconn

  • Simultaneously provided Six Sigma Black Belt training and guidance for multiple project teams, which greatly enhanced trainees’ understanding of Six Sigma concepts and knowledge in a short period of time
  • Instructed students to learn and use various improvement tools of Six Sigma, making them more creative, flexible and efficient in the application of Six Sigma tools
  • Applied the Six Sigma method to improve Foxconn’s important areas, implemented strategic deployment based on the core concept of Six Sigma and ensured the successful implementation of Six Sigma at Foxconn
  • In just 9 months, each trained project team successfully realized a profit increase, and the largest project team reached HK$54.4 million per year​
TQM's Principal Consultant, Ir. Dr Aaron TONG directed Foxconn to implement the Six Sigma Black Belt project

As one of the top 500 companies in the world, Foxconn Technology Group is the largest, fastest-growing, and most highly rated international group in the global “3C” (computer, communications, consumer electronics) foundry field! Foxconn focuses on providing customers with a one-stop overall solution from joint design, joint development, production, assembly to global logistics and after-sales service. Foxconn sincerely invited TQM to provide Six Sigma Black Belt training and implement improvement projects.