Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

Maintain Management System for Service Excellence

Communication Resource Unit operates under the Food Safety of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD). It plays a distinct role in safeguarding public health by enhancing food safety and preventing vector-borne diseases through a host of communication channels.

With the intention of ensuring the management system effectiveness, FEHD invited TQM to provide comprehensive system maintenance support to Communication Resource Unit.

Project Scope

  • Review and renew existing Quality Manuals and Procedures in compliance with ISO 9001
  • Provide training and guidance on the system implementation
  • Conduct internal audits for the team and provide corresponding improvement suggestions and guidelines


  • Enhanced staff’s awareness & ability to cope with risks
  • Provide practical advice for improvement to meet ISO requirements
  • Provide unlimited support to the team in the process of ISO9001 certificate renewal and maintenance
  • Ensure its high-quality service levels