Drainage Services Department (DSD)

Optimize Hong Kong's

MOST complex environmental engineering system

The Drainage Services Department (DSD) is responsible for sewage treatment systems, harbour purification and flood prevention facilities in Hong Kong, Kowloon, the New Territories and outlying islands. The environmental management project of the Drainage Services Department covers a wide range and is difficult. It is the most complex environmental engineering system in Hong Kong!

DSD photo
Implement Environmental Management to build a beautiful Hong Kong

TQM successfully assisted the Drainage Services Department

  • Established and implemented a number of comprehensive management systems, including ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, etc., and successfully obtained 6 ISO 9001 certificates and 7 ISO 14001 certificates
  • Thoroughly studied the functional characteristics of DSD and various units, formulated a practical and feasible strategic plan, and led the implementation
  • Implemented Quality Management, Environmental Management projects and related training for the entire DSD
  • Conducted a comprehensive assessment and audit of all functional units of the Drainage Services Department
TQM's Principal Consultant, Ir. Dr. Aaron TONG (Left) Former Director of Drainage Services, Mr. C K WONG (Right)

In order to ensure service quality and optimize management processes, DSD sincerely invited TQM to provide professional consulting services. TQM has successfully assisted DSD to improve Hong Kong’s most complex environmental engineering system and obtained Environmental Management System certification. At the same time, TQM has also assisted DSD to establish and implement several management systems and provided continuous improvement.