Comprehensively Enhance the Safety level to Create a Safe Work and Shopping Environment

Decathlon is the largest sporting goods retailer in the world, with headquarters in Northern France, and over 1,697 stores all over the globe. To enable a quality and safe environment for their staff, customers, visitors, and stakeholders, Decathlon invited TQM to carry out a comprehensive safety inspection and assessment for its stores.

A team of TQM’s safety experts conducted a series of safety assessments while ensuring no interruption to their daily operations. TQM assessed and benchmarked the current/ potential risks, safety operations/ practices/ situations of the shop against appropriate safety standards and practices, the assessments include:

  • Fire Safety Management
  • Fire safety equipment installation and maintenance
  • Emergency and evacuation plans at the store during a fire hazards
  • Fire drill
  • First Aid in the shops
  • Storage of Dangerous goods
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Abatement of fire hazards and poisonous gas retention
  • Workplace safety measures
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) at work

After careful assessment and evaluation, TQM consolidated the results,  identified the potential risks in the store’s operation precisely, and formulated practical measures and implementation strategies against the problems to improve. TQM ensure compliance with Local regulations while accommodating its French HQ regional requirement. TQM clarifies the differences between the legal requirements of the two places and the applicability at its Hong Kong branches and answers all safety questions raised by the French headquarters.

To the satisfaction of both parties, TQM integrated relevant requirements and successfully improve Decathlon’s OHS and fire safety management system, creating a safe work and shopping environment.

TQM's Principal Consultant, Ir. Dr Aaron TONG (Centre) conducted safety audits for Decathlon’s stores