Computer Products Asia-Pacific

1st ISO 9001 Certification in China

Dare to be the first in the world!

Ir Dr TONG used to coordinate quality work in Computer Products Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. In 1991, with his professional knowledge, rich experience and pioneering spirit, Ir Dr TONG successfully helped Computer Products Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. obtained the first ISO 9001 certificate in the Greater China region! Go further! Subsequently, Ir Dr TONG introduced the successful experience of ISO 9001 to Shenzhen, becoming the first person to introduce the successful experience of the ISO 9001 quality management system to the mainland!

Break the record of the Governor’s Industry Award Grand Prize!!

Since its establishment, Computer Products Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. has been committed to continuous improvement of product quality. In order to achieve the best product performance, Ir Dr TONG has devoted great enthusiasm and hard work, working hard to continuously improve product quality, and constantly overcome difficulties! This was Ir DrTONG’s first job after graduating from university.
Thanks to the hard work of Ir Dr TONG and his colleagues, in 1992, Computer Products Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. became the first company to win the Governor’s Industry Award (Productivity and Quality) at the same time for its outstanding performance in productivity and quality, breaking the Governor Record of Industry Awards! As the winner, Ir Dr TONG was cordially received by the former Governor of Hong Kong, the Lord Patten of Barnes, Mr Chris Patten, and received the Governor’s Award for Industry.

Former Governor of Hong Kong, The Lord Patten of Barnes, Mr Chris Patten (Left), Member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, Ir Dr Hon LO Wai Kwok (Centre) and TQM's Principal Consultant, Ir Dr Aaron TONG Wai Kwok (Right)

Computer Products Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. was established in 1981 to design, manufacture and sell computer and telecommunications products for well-known companies such as IBM, HP, Dell, and Huawei. Its service scope covers computers, telecommunications, medical treatment and industrial electronics.