City University of Hong Kong

Standardize the practice of IAS and CES in CityU

City U Co-operative Education Centre is connected to the City University Hong Kong (City U) and provides Industrial Placement Schemes to students of City U, which mainly includes Industrial Attachment Scheme (IAS) and Co-operative Education Scheme (CES) training. To standardize the practice of IAS and CES, City U Co-operative Education Centre invited TQM to help establish ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.

Project Scope

  • Standardize the IAS and CES practices
  • Manage customer complaints, provide strategic and constructive feedback and service enhancement
  • Provide quality training workshop to equip staff with quality control concept and culture
  • Set up Quality Objectives
  • Set up web-based customer satisfaction surveys


  • Achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • Improved staff awareness of ISO 9001 management system and all the employees became more aware of the importance of quality services
  • Identified key processes, established measurable objectives and procedures for managing the processes 
TQM's Consultant conducted an audit on the management system