City University of Hong Kong’s Laboratory

Boosting Staff’s Experiential Safety Awareness to

Ensure a Safe Workplace and Supportive Environment

The Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering (MBE) of the City University of Hong Kong has more than 30 Laboratories (both for teaching and research) of over 3,000 sq. meters with more than 100 research staff and students working on various research topics. Considering that the research staff and students are always exposed to potential hazards related to chemical, laser, fire, animal works, high-temperature furnace, high-speed cutting process, etc., the management of MBE invited TQM to design and deliver a half-day Safety Awareness and Enhancement training workshop for it to further enhance staff’s safety awareness and build a “safety first” culture for all research activities among these laboratories.

Project Scope

  • Design and deliver safety awareness and enhancement training
  • General overview of safety issues and concerns
  • Review MBE’s safety guidelines, rules & regulations
  • Provide guidance and instructions for prudent laboratory practices
  • LEAN and common-sense engineering concept/ tools usable and appropriate for the experiments
  • Safe operation and use of equipment, tools and machines; Laser Safety and protective measures; Use of Personal Protective Equipment; Fire Safety; Emergencies and First Aid


  • Stimulated and enhanced the safety awareness of research staff and students during their work in MBE laboratories
  • Through reviewing the relevant safety rules, regulations and guidelines, and studies over incidents, built a strong safety culture amongst the research staff and students
  • Built up a responsible and supportive team toward safety with a positive mindset, mutual respect and aligned safety objectives
TQM's Consultant conducted an audit on the management system