China XD Group

Assisted the World Leader of UHV Power Transmission on its journey of Quality Excellence

China XD Group (XD Group) is a Chinese state-owned power engineering company and manufacturer of electrical equipment. Acting as the head of power transmission and distribution equipment production industry in China, XD Group developed and stored relevant technologies of Ultra-high-voltage electricity transmission (UHV). UHV is the most advanced power transmission technology in the world at the present, and could transport electricity over long distances with minimal power loss.

Thanks to the UHV power transmission technology, thermal power, wind energy, and solar power in the western and northern parts of China as well as hydropower in southwest China are delivered to eastern and central parts of China on a large scale from a long distance to meet the demand for electrical power and alleviate the strain on the local environment.

Currently, XD Group’s products and technology have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions and succeeded in entering the markets of some developed countries and regions, such as Germany, America, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

According to the needs of the national key projects and market, XD Group has been continuously upgrading its products and optimising its operations. Earlier in 2012, XD Group has invited TQM to provide professional consultancy services and put forwards a series of valuable suggestion for improvement for its subsidiaries, Xi’an XD Transformer Co. Ltd and Xi’an XD Switchgear Electric Co. Ltd. 

TQM successfully helped Xi’an XD Transformer Co. Ltd. and Xian Switchgear Electric Co. Ltd. 

  • Conducted on-site inspection to identify the potential risks and improvement opportunities in the existing process
  • Conducted Benchmarking against the best practice in the industry
  • Put forward practical suggestions for process optimization and quality improvement in order to continuously fulfil its clients’ requirement 
XD Group
TQM's Principal Consultant, Ir. Dr. Aaron TONG (Centre) conducted onsite audit for XD Group