China Resources

Achieve Energy Saving Goal with EnMS

Since 1982, China Resources Property Management Co., Ltd. (China Resources) has developed from a single property management company into a comprehensive enterprise, its business commercial property design, construction, leasing and operation; hotel business management and expansion; High-end jewellery and clothing and handicraft retail, overseas investment management, etc.

In order to fulfil the company’s commitment to the environment and continuously improve its energy-saving goals (including energy efficiency, energy utilization and consumption), China Resources has invited TQM to assist in improving its energy management level, develop and enhance its energy management system to comply with ISO 50001:2011 standards. TQM provided China Resources with high-quality consulting services, with professional guidance and training, and successfully assisted China Resources to achieve ISO 50001 certification, which significantly improved the current situation.

Project Scope

  • Assist in the development of ISO 50001 compliant standards
  • Conduct gap analysis through on-site inspections
  • Set clear goals and energy performance indicators, management plan, measurement and monitoring plan, etc.
  • Provide professional Energy Management System internal auditor training courses
  • Provide professional guidance to assist in internal audits and implementation of energy management systems


  • Assisted China Resources to reach international standards and successfully obtained ISO 50001 certification
  • Employees fully understand the significance and roles of the energy management system to ensure effective implementation and continuous improvement of the Energy Management System
  • Assisted China Resources to improve energy efficiency and achieving energy management goals in a systematic way, so as to attain its commitment to saving energy
TQM's Principal Consultant, Ir. Dr Aaron TONG (left 3) and China Resources’s executive
Lift & Escalator Improvement to enable energy saving