Cathay Pacific

Sustain Competitiveness via Deploying LEAN 6 Sigma

CPSL Plans take a progressive approach to implement and deploy LEAN 6 Sigma in a 3-Year timeframe, mapped out in 3 distinct phases along the years. CPSL invited TQM to design and deliver a LEAN 6 Sigma Training & Project Coaching for their staff of the Call centre.

Project Scope

  • Customized and Tailor the LEAN 6 Sigma Training materials to suit CPSL’s needs
  • Delivered LEAN 6 Sigma Tools Training
  • Coached CPSL’s team on various projects


  • Acquired fundamental knowledge and techniques of LEAN 6 Sigma
  • Learned LEAN 6 Sigma through Practicing in Pilot Projects
  • Built momentum for LEAN 6 Sigma Programme
  • Accomplished projects with annual savings HK$2.7 million / year
  • Developed preliminary templates and work practices of LEAN 6 Sigma in CPSL 
Cathay Pacific
TQM's Principal Consultant, Ir Dr Aaron TONG delivered a 4-day LEAN Practioner Program to Cathay's frontline staff