AC Nielsen

Compressing time by 60% at Frontline Fieldwork

AC Nielsen (China) Limited (AC Nielson) is a leading research company providing market research and analytical services to various industries. They invited TQM to help work on the conflicting aims of “compressing time” and improving business processes and work quality. etc.

Project Scope

  • Identify process improvement & time compression opportunities
  • Create a performance measuring system to ensure work quality
  • Motivate staff to increase productivity through the incentive scheme


  • Increased the completion efficiency of the questionnaire
  • Improved the transparency and traceability of the fieldwork, the status of the questionnaires, and transactions control
  • Reduced field interviewing cycle time by 60% by new workflow
  • Reduced 50% of operational costs
  • Avoided delays by enhancing the interviewer’s work quality by work balance and eliminating work pressure of staff with low efficiency