Can “Product Quality” and “Production Efficiency” Go Hand in Hand?

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers invited TQM’s chief consultant, Dr Aaron TNG, to discuss the methods of good quality control. On August 16, 2016, the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers shared TQM’s experience in optimizing quality control systems for customers with more than 80 members of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. Dr Aaron TONG pointed out that in the past, many manufacturers often sacrificed product quality in order to improve production efficiency. There are many opinions in the market that 100% full inspection should be used to reduce the defective rate to solve the quality problem, but is it necessary for us to do it? 

Dr Aaron TONG looks at it from another angle-to do things right once, and improve product quality and production efficiency simultaneously by means of TQM. TQM advocates that everyone is responsible for the finished products they make. Dr  TONG  also used the example of improving the quality of large manufacturers such as Shanghai Siemens to illustrate the importance of everyone taking responsibility for their work. Only by allowing the members of the company to give full play to their strengths can the company’s product quality and production efficiency be simultaneously improved, and the company can progress.

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