A Glittering Occasion of ISSC Six Sigma Networking Dinner

The Six Sigma Networking Dinner was held by International Six Sigma Council (ISSC) at City Chinese Restaurant on 5 May 2010. Mr Justin Quinn, the AXA Way Leader of AXA China Region in Hong Kong, was invited to share the key success factors for the deployment of AXA’s Six Sigma Program.

Ir. Dr Aaron TONG, Managing Director of TQM CONSULTANTS CO. LIMITED (TQM), used to provide 6 Sigma training and instruction for various corporations, public utilities and government departments, providing 6 Sigma courses for many large and medium-sized enterprises and their managers in Hong Kong, and finally succeeded in bringing 6 Sigma to Asia-Pacific region. He was identified by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) as a pioneer in the quality field. Hence, ISSC invited Ir. Dr TONG to attend the Six Sigma Networking Dinner as an honourable guest.

This dinner is a glittering occasion of 6 Sigma. Senior executive leaders from major corporations and associations gathered here, communicating and networking with each other, and therefore stimulated the mutual understanding and win-win cooperation. We believe it will be a new beginning for the 6 sigma promotion in Hong Kong.

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