A Century-old Brand that Values “Value Engineering” – Bissell

Bissell – has over a hundred years of experience in the development of cleaning tools, and is the leading trademark of the global household cleaning industry.

In order to cope with business development, Bissell hired Quality Management Consultants Ltd. (TQM) to tailor a value engineering (Value Engineering; VE) training course, and assigned some engineers and senior managers to participate, so that they can get a better understanding of The concept of value engineering and the techniques and methods for effective use.

Value Engineering, also known as Value Analysis (VA), studies the function, cost, and value of a product. It is a cost improvement technology with function as the core, pursuing the lowest cost to obtain the greatest value. General Electric of the United States is one of the best examples. It not only uses value engineering to solve the problem of unstable supply but also promotes it to other parts of the enterprise to pursue better results.

In the course, not only relevant academic knowledge is taught, but also different real examples are used to allow participants to express their personal opinions. Through discussions, they can have a multi-angle and in-depth understanding of related concepts and how to use them.

VE is more effective than traditional object-oriented methods.
Through discussion, participants can apply in real cases.

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