15 Years Partnership with Highways Department

Road systems in Hong Kong are highly sophisticated. Highways Department of the Government manages all road and railway networks in the city, enabling these infrastructures to reach top international levels. TQM assisted the Department to pass Quality Management System and Environmental Management System audits with ZERO Non-conformities on 3 August 2018.

The Department employs more than 2000 staffs and manages the entire public road system in the city. Apart from technical knowledge, experience in complex organizations and projects is the key to handle such case effectively, especially when a project of this kind could last up to 1.5 years. TQM have been partnering with the Department since 2003 and understands it from top to bottom. Which well illustrates the idea of excellence through experience and familiarity.

The project went successful and we express our sincere gratitude for the full support of the Department. We look forward to upcoming missions in the future.

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